Solve the missing AMD OpenCL Driver on 32Bit Windows system.

This article is written in both Chinese and English.

现象:在32位Windows系统安装AMD Crimson驱动后,GPU-Z、 LuxMark等软件找不到OpenCL支持或崩溃 /
Phenomenon:After installed AMD Crimson driver on 32Bit Windows.GPU-Z and LuxMark cannot find OpenCL support or crashed.

For some unknown reason.Begins from certain version(cannot be sure because it’s not mentioned in driver changelog),AMD is no longer include OpenCL runtime in their 32Bit Driver. 

免责声明:以下解决方案未经AMD官方验证,使用需自行承担风险! /
Disclaimer:Following solutions is NOT verify by AMD official,use at your own risk!

解决方案:/ Solution:

AMD在他们的64位驱动包内包含了32位和64位OpenCL运行库,因此可以从64位驱动包中提取出32位OpenCL运行库,并且看起来可以正常工作于原生32位环境。因此为何他们不直接在32位驱动包内包含32位运行库让我十分不解 /
AMD did include both 32bit and 64bit OpenCL runtime in their 64bit driver package.We can extract 32bit runtime from it,and it seems runs fine in native 32bit operating system.So why they didn’t include OpenCL runtime in 32Bit driver is makes me puzzled

1.如果运行GPU-Z/LuxMark2.0崩溃,请卸载AMD APP并使用DDU(display driver uninstaller)彻底卸载AMD相关驱动 /
If GPU-Z or LuxMark2.0 crashed,please uninstall AMD APP and use DDU (display driver uninstaller) to complete remove AMD Driver in your system.

2.从AMD网站下载最新32位 WHQL驱动并安装 / Download and install the latest 32bit WHQL driver in AMD Website.

3.从AMD网站下载同样版本的64位驱动,使用7Zip解压,在 packages/drivers/Display/WXXX_INF/B(这两个目录会变)/目录,定位以下文件并复制到x:\Windows\System32(X是系统盘 例如C盘) /
Download the same version of 64Bit Driver package,use 7zip to extract the following files from “packages/drivers/Display/WXXX_INF/B(number and letter changes)/ ” and copy it to  x:\Windows\System32 (X is your system partition)



4.下载此reg文件 并双击导入 / Download this reg file and import it

现在OpenCL就回来了,大多数情况下你并不需要重启,你可以打开LuxMark2.0或者GPU-Z验证 / Now OpenCL is back,in most situation you don’t need to restart your computer.You can verify it by using LuxMark 2.0 or GPU-Z

But even though it’s looks perfect,I still can’t guarantee all the OpenCL function is work.If you have any question please leave a comment.Thanks.